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Backyard Chickens

Building Chicken Coops & Runs
Backyard Chickens

Tips On Building Chicken Coops And Runs

April 28, 2017 admin 0

Fortunately for those of you looking to build a chicken coop and run, there are a number of different designs and plans to accommodate those looking to raise chickens. It’s a good idea to already […]

DIY Raised Flower Beds

Make a Raised Garden From Used Tires

Raised Flower Beds
May 23, 2017 admin 0
Ever wonder what to do with those old tires? Do you want to have a garden without the need to till soil? We have found that used tires make GREAT raised garden beds! Caution! Please [...]

Raised Garden Bed On Legs!

May 20, 2017 admin 0
I built these raised garden beds for two reasons, the first was to avoid the back pain that my father feels when bent over a traditional raised bed for weeding, the second was to keep [...]