Living On The Road Full-time: Is It Right For You?

Living on the road

Scott Bidstrup lived on the road for six years, with no permanent address, no phone, no job, no responsibilities. He writes that it was one of the best periods of his life. We’ve all thought about doing it, but is it right for you?

Full-timing — is it right for you?

Lots and lots of folks dream of doing what I did — it’s called “full-timing” by those who do it.

Latest estimates are that over a million North Americans are full-timers, living permanently in their RVs with no permanent address. Many are retired, but many others work part of the year, just long enough for a ‘stash’ to keep them going for a few months or a year or so.

A surprising number of engineers, project managers and construction people are full-timers, living in their motor homes and traveling from job to job. It’s economically a very efficient means of handling the housing problem, especially if you would otherwise be moving a lot to relatively brief work […]

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