How to Make a Living on the Road

How to Make a Living on the Road

A new generation of mobile individuals has risen, the revolution is over, and for the rest of America, that means fulfilling a lifestyle where every new day is to be spent at your leisure is a real possibility. We spoke with a dozen full-time travelers, from self-proclaimed nomadic geeks building iPhone apps to blue collar migrant construction workers ready and willing to work. Liberal college students to a Christian family of 14, some were barely of the legal drinking age while others are nearing a traditional retirement, but already seven years into their new “vacation lifestyle”. That term should not be taken lightly, though, because more than any other common thread, these wandering workers share one thing in common: they are ready and willing to create their own work.How to Make a Living on the Road

The Internet is in need of a Noah in this particular arena, there is a worldwide flood of information on how to live and work from the road, however much of it has been procured by travel writers who are not also full-timers, while other very insightful articles tend to only apply to their particular author’s […]

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