DIY Rustic | Pallet Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Pallet furniture seems to be the rage at the moment and I have to say that its simplicity and rustic nature really appeals to us. Who knows if we’ll grow tired of it later, but for know it’s fun to build, and lets us put our money into other projects. Here’s some great bedroom furniture ideas based on reclaimed pallets.
pallet bedroom furniture

Here’s an example of a really simple design that can be completed with minimal carpentry skills and just 4-5 pallets.  it includes the head board, base, a night stand and a footer table.  I love the minimalist style. Source

queen size bed frame built from recycled pallets

This would take a bit more carpentry skills than I have myself, I’d rely on my husband.  haha..  But the finished bed looks more like real furniture and perhaps sturdier with a longer life. Source

pallet head board project

Here’s a really quick and simple DIY headboard made from recycled pallets.  It can be completed easily in an afternoon with minimal tools and materials.  Source.

bedroom shelving built from recycled pallets

This would be a fun project for a kids room using old wooden crates or pallets.  It’s just a series of boxes secured together with screws and anchored to the wall. Source.

queen size bed from from pallets

This is a bit more ambitious DIY pallet bed projects.  But it’s easier to acquire the materials since it does not require complete pallets.  Old broken pallets can be used and cut into the required sections.  I like the different colorations in the wood and the vertical orientation. Source.

suspended bed platform constructed from recycled pallets.

This is a wild idea!  The bed platform, constructed from recycled pallets, is suspended from the ceiling by ropes.  The bench seat and table also constructed from pallets ties it all together nicely. From DIY Enthusiast.

DIY platform bed constructed from pallets

Another super simple DIY pallet project.  This is nothing more than two stacked layers of pallets fastened together for the base of a platform bed and a simple vertical pallet for the headboard.  The unique twist here is the use of lighting within the base pallets. From Modern Magazine.