15 Fun and Easy Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

15 Fun and Easy Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

May 14, 2017 0

One of things I missed most as summer turned to autumn was the availability of fresh herbs from my garden. Buying from the store is nowhere close to the same thing. So this past winter […]

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The Economics of Living in a Van

Cars & Motorcyles
May 20, 2017 0
There are people who live in vans by choice. For some, living in a van allows them to travel the country. For others, it lets them save money to pursue a passion like starting a [...]

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DIY Wire Basket Pendant Lamp

DIY Basket Lights
May 23, 2017 0
This is a  great little wire basket pendant lamp that is quick and easy to assemble with a few items from the hardware store.  This particular person bought all their parts at an IKEA, but [...]

8 Budget Kitchen Lighting Ideas

DIY Lighting Projects
May 22, 2017 0
Need to brighten up the heart of your home? Check out these easy, inexpensive lighting solutions. Quick: What’s in your dream kitchen? Odds are, your mind jumped straight to custom cabinetry, pro-grade appliances or pricey [...]

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